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back from the abyss

24 September 2010

So it’s been about 2 whole months since I’ve blogged a menu or anything for that matter. Ugh – sometimes life gets kinda crazy and if you don’t take the time to slow it down and breathe, it just keeps on going – y’know?

What have I been up to that’s so crazy the last two months? Well, really, a lot of things have been taking up my time and energy.

After posting that last time in July, I was hardcore looking for a dreaded J-O-B. When I wasn’t doing that, I was deep cleaning my house and planning an awesome vacation for my BFF Jen and her husband Pete, August 6 – 20. We had an amazing time together, full of being a tourist in my hometown, lots of spending time with family and friends and a road trip to St Louis and Chicago! It was Pete’s first time in America – and I wanted to make a good impression so that he’d not hesitate to come back! 🙂

That Friday, the 20th, after Jen and Pete returned to England, we went out to celebrate Ade’s birthday (Ade is Jen’s brother and my sister-in-law’s husband!). Saturday the 21st, husband and I volunteered in the beer tent at a local festival. Monday the 23rd I started an MA program in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language.

On the 24th, my brother’s wife had a baby girl. 🙂 Thursday the 26th we adopted a new puppy that a friend needed to re-home.

This week, my ratbaby, Calliope, died and my nephew’s fiancee had a baby girl- all in the same day.

In between daily housework, school work, looking for a job, and puppy training, the blog I was never very good at keeping fell by the wayside. A lot of other habits I was trying to make – but wasn’t doing such a hot job with – also fell off, like my Weight Watchers. :-/ Today, I’ve decided to slow my roll and get back in touch with my personal goals and more in tune with myself.

I’m feelin’ pretty good about today so far – though it seems like I haven’t really gotten a lot accomplished by the looks of the house, but I’ve made some preliminary framework plans to keep on top of everything over the next few months. I’ve done the dishes! (I HATE doing dishes!) and I’ve made biscuits and sweet tea as well as started a menu plan and pruned a couple of the plants which survived my brown thumb over the summer. 🙂

Expect more posts from me here on out – in fact I’m going to try to get a menu plan up here in a bit. I have to go to the grocery store, so might as well plan my menu for next week, eh? 😉

I’m trying to figure out how best to upload pix, but I’m such a n00b when it comes to the technical stuff of a blog that it’ll take me a minute to figure it out.


good intentions…

2 July 2010

So, Thursday didn’t go quite as I had planned – and that was my fault. I did get some things done. I did go to a Weight Watchers meeting. I did not, however, workout at all. 😦

But, I have good intentions for my roadtrip. I have gathered and labeled all sorts of healthy and nutritious and yummy foods to take with me so that I don’t have to stop at a fast food place or grab crap from a gas station.

I’ve got: Fresh Italian Bread. Small cartons of Stonyfield Organic Chocolate Oikos. Chocolate chunk Hazelnut biscotti granola. tomato basil tuna medley. Multiseed Organic flatbread crackers. Wildberry Organic fruit leather. grape tomatoes. double gloucester cheese. chunk white albacore tuna mixed with spin blend and onion. grapes. bananas. strawberries.

Every item (you can see it on the nanners!) is labeled with a points value so there is NO excuse for me to not track! And for the crackers, I took every cracker out of the package and portioned them into snack bags and labeled each snack bag. 🙂

This is way more food than I’ll need for my drive to the Dallas area, but I figure that I can snack on this stuff all weekend in San Antonio and on the way back home Monday. 🙂 I’m having lunch in Austin with a friend on Monday, so I’ll just need dinner sometime between lunch and getting home….I don’t know if I can do tuna again – we’ll see. I might need to stop and get a Salad!

I might take my Barney Butter with me too – and I have an avocado  I forgot I to include in the mix. If I don’t take it, husband won’t remember to eat it before it goes bad while I’m out of town!

I also am packing my cooler with Smart Water (never had it, but big bottles on sale at Target) and a 4-pack of Izze Sparkling Blackberry. I’ll also for sure be taking my 2 trusty water bottles for  regular ol’ water. 🙂 (maybe I’ll dig out another one – I love me some water!)

I’m taking Gwyneth (my laptop), so I’ll probably be checking in over the weekend! 😀

Road Trip!

It all starts with a plan…

1 July 2010

I know I *just* posted a blog post, but I feel like I MUST post this now so that  I can see it first thing and use it as a reminder to myself! 🙂

I am so tempted to wait to start my Body Project until July 6 – because I’m headed to San Antonio for the weekend and won’t be back until late on July 5. HOWEVER – I’m not going to let myself do that – that would be so many wasted days when I can be working toward regaining my self-esteem and self-worth, not to mention the health benefits! 🙂

Therefore, today, I start Project Diva in earnest – and for realliez. 😉

Breakfast: 1 slice of Oroweat bread with 1 Tbsp Barney Butter. (If you’ve never tried this stuff, you’re missing out – it is THE best almond butter I’ve ever tasted.)

Exercise: at home – prolly Wii Fit + or the other physical Wii game I have but can’t remember the title.

Second Breakfast: Melon Medley, Pomegranate Chobani w/ Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Granola.

Errands. fun fun. :-/

Lunch: finally gonna eat those Salmon Cakes from this week’s Mindful Menu.

Exercise: Cardio at the gym.

Personal: Go to Weight Watchers Meeting.