Midweek Meal Planning

Seriously – how is it Wednesday already? I knew that I’ve been busy, but not busy enough to completely forget about planning out my week’s menu before the week was half gone! It’s probably not even worth truly planning out my menu, but I might as well plan it and post it here for posterity since I have to plan it before I can go grocery shopping tonight anyway!

I’ll skip Monday & Tuesday, since they’re over and done with and head straight into Wednesday.

Wednesday: Sweet Potato Pockets

Thursday: Lasagna and salad

Friday: Burgers with sweet potato fries

Saturday: Pasta con Broccoli with salad

Sunday: Book Club – the husband is on his own for dinner!

So, there it is – short and sweet. 😉 If I ever get this blogging thing down, I’ll start including pix and recipe reviews too. But, really that’s a mighty big IF! I’ve been trying this blog for well over a year now and it still leaves a bit to be desired!! c’est la vie.



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