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Menu Plan: 1/31 – 2/5

31 January 2011

I’m finding myself little inspired in the kitchen these days. :-/ It’s a little disheartening. I want to attribute it to the fact that I’m pretty busy with grad school and family stuff right now, but I think I’m affected also by the weather and the lack of exciting things at the grocery store. I have little occasion to cook – other than daily meals for myself and my husband – which doesn’t do much for inspiring the Kitchen Goddess in me.

I have a ton of cookbooks and am familiar with a ton of online resources – so planning meals should be easy, right? Maybe I’m inundated with *too many* choices. I need to get together a repertoire to make meal planning easier. *sigh*

So, without further ado, here is this week’s menu plan:

Monday: Penne with Blue Cheese and Squash^

Tuesday:  Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken* w/ Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips and Onions^

Wednesday: Potato & Carrot Soup^

Thursday: Pasta con Broccoli (a la The Pasta House)

Friday: Orange Almond Chicken*, Brown Rice, stir fried veggies

Saturday: MahiMahi Coconut Curry^ w/ Cardamom-Coconut Rice^

*Prevention’s All Time Best Weight Loss Recipes

^Just 5: 125 recipes with 5 ingredients


First Menu Plan of 2011! (1/24 – 1/30)

23 January 2011

I must get back into planning my weekly menu! I wish I could pre-plan all of my meals, but that is more than I can do right now! I’m so uninspired at the moment, it takes me forever to do the most basic menu plan. O_o

The notations which you’ll see below, such as (8 p+), indicate the Weight Watchers PointsPlus value for the item. In addition to planning my meals, I am trying to be much more mindful of my points. I am actually having a really hard time eating *all* of my points in a day – probably b/c I do not make sure to get all of my dairy and oil in. :-/

Monday  24

WW’s Chicken & Black Bean Burritos* (8 p+) with veggies added

Tuesday 25

Easy Salmon Cakes (9 p+) with Creamy Dill Sauce (2 p+) and Salad (3 p+)

Wednesday 26

Weight Watchers’ Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew (5 p+)

Thursday 27

leftover Weight Watchers’ Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew (5 p+)

Friday 28

Boca Original Chik’n Patty (4 p+), 1/2 tsp of honey (0 p+), 1/2 tsp dijon mustard (0 p+), WW’s Sweet Potato Fries (4 p+)

Saturday 29

Baked Potato (5 p+) topped with 1/2 c. tuna (canned in water) (3 p+) and 1 oz of shredded cheese (3 p+)

Sunday 30

Snacking at Book Club. :-/ Not necessarily safe, BUT at least I’m planning for it! lol.

Our book this month is Island by Aldous Huxley, so I plan on making some island-inspired snacks.

WW’s Coconut Shrimp (6 p+)

Piña Colada Dipping Sauce

Banana-Papaya Salsa (but I’ll prolly have to sub out the papaya)



* from the WW cookbook, “Just 5: 125 recipes with 5 Ingredients”