Mindful Menu: 7/19 – 7/24

I’ve not been on top of things at all like I “should” be…but more on that in its own post. I really want to get back to my weekly menu planning – it made my life so much easier and my eating so much healthier!

Also, let me confess that I have been HORRIBLE about catching up with my google reader – I need to re-organize it. I get most of my healthy food ideas and recipes from the blogs I follow, like Kath Eats, Oh She Glows and The Front Burner….but I’ve not been following them daily like I normally do, so I’m totally uninspired in the kitchen right now. :-/

Sunday: i threw together some whole wheat rotini, with Knorr from-a-packet Parma Rosa sauce and pre-cooked frozen shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic powder (i don’t know why i didn’t just use real garlic) it was pretty good for a quickly-thrown-together meal.

Monday: It’s dinner time right now, but we are running hours late since we slept i rather late today. I am not sure what we’re having….We got a delivery of locally raised beef from Hoover Beef today, but it’s frozen, so no beef for us tonight. :-/ I have to go to the grocery store before we can have dinner – I’ve pretty much exhausted our proper meal in a jiffy items.

Tuesday: Beef. It’s totally what’s for dinner tonight. I’m excited about my friend’s new Beef business – locally-raised, grass fed beef by a conscientious agrarian rocks my socks off. 😉

I’m thinking I’ll make BBQ short ribs (unless I can get the Husband to grill them!) and pasta-salad-from-a-box (i need to get a good from-scratch recipe) and roasted green beans, if green beans are back in stock at the store.

Wednesday: Husband’s back at work tonight, so I’m on my own for dinner. Grilled Chicken Salad with fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market sounds divine! (I really need to get in on a CSA next year!)

Thursday: I may be spending the afternoon/evening with my mom and 2 of my nephews, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on for dinner. If I don’t go out, I plan on having a grilled/toasted ham and cheese sammich and fresh fruit.

Friday: Let’s get these Salmon Cakes over and done with! 😉 I’ve put them on the menu almost every week, and every week never get around to eating them. and let’s have a big fat healthy salad with these cakes! 😉

Saturday: cook out at my brother’s house for his girlfriend’s son’s birthday, though for all intents and purposes, he’s my nephew. 🙂 I’ll prolly share some of my Hoover Beef bounty with them – take a pound of burger over for grilling. 🙂 or make round steak kebobs.

wow – i can’t believe it’s taken me 2 hours to compile this menu! I guess when you have distractions like looking for your checkbook (still can’t find it – it’s in the house somewhere!) and Words with Friends and epic discussion threads (eReader vs eReader) on Brightkite.com, I really shouldn’t be all that surprised. o_O

Mindful Menus


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