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Mindful Menu: 27 June – 3 July

28 June 2010

Sunday: Take Out Pizza before book club

Monday: Dinner Out – headed to the Royals vs Cubs game at the K courtesy of my friend and future-realtor Cullun Culp of Coldwell Banker, John Moffitt and Associates. 🙂

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes w/ Dill Mayo, Roasted Green Beans, French Bread

Wednesday:Mustard Dill Chicken, steamed veggies, steamed rice

Thursday: Spinachy Salad with Chicken

Friday: Coconut Shrimp Curry w/ brown rice

Saturday: work on leftovers from the week

(but, I’m toying with the idea of taking a road trip this weekend, but haven’t decided anything definitely yet)

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menu musings and bein’ blue

27 June 2010

Blue is a really funny word when you look at it, isn’t it? It’s not so funny when it’s how you feel, though. 😦 I’ll get to that in a minute, I don’t want the whole post to be depressing.

So, last week’s menu – the only thing i stuck to was the meatloaf – and I regretted it. The meatloaf *tasted* ok, but the texture was all wrong. it was awful. I ended up getting an Amy’s frozen pizza Tuesday night and Thursday was the start of dogsitting duties. I had originally thought they started Friday, but I was mistaken.

I went to Red Robin with my Aunt for dinner Thursday night – we both got the Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich, which is on special right now. It was sooo good – I hope they keep it! I also got a BLTA croissantwich to go for Friday food, but hubby ended up staying at our friends’ place withe me Thursday night and I let him eat it for dinner.

Friday, since I didn’t have my sammie anymore, I went to Panera and got a “you pick two” deal: the Strawberry-Poppyseed salad with Chicken and Bacon-Turkey Bravo with a side of Multi-Grain bread. I ate the salad and bread for lunch and the sammie for dinner with some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips I had picked up at Nature’s Pantry.

Saturday, I went home for a few hours and ended up going to dinner with hubby at Outback Steakhouse – it was sooo good.

I’m already starting to think of a menu plan for this week – and we HAVE to follow it. I’m not allowing us to NOT follow it. 😛

Now, for the sad part.

Thursday night, I brought my boxers, Helmut and Julia, over to my friends’ place with me. I rounded up 2 of their 3 dogs and my 2 and put them in the “community” kennel before  I went to my nephew’s baseball game. I came home a few hour later, and my baby girl, Julia, was dead in the kennel. 😦

She, as boxers are prone, had a few issues, but nothing life-threatening – so it’s really a mystery as to why she died that night. She was acting 100% normal even as i put her in the kennel. When we took her to the vet, Dr Rose said that she’s pretty confident that it was cardiomyopathy, which has no symptoms and happens quickly. I can only hope that it did happen quickly – Julia was our baby girl and I can’t bear the thought of her suffering.

In Memoriam: Baroness Julia von Bottshausen

my baby girl.

Mindful Menu: 20 June – 26 June

21 June 2010

I’ve been super bad about making menus and sticking to them lately – I don’t know what it is. :-/

I’ll skip Sunday and Monday, since dinner’s over and one with for both days already.

Tuesday: Salmon Patties (We really don’t eat as many salmon patties as it seems – i seem to never get around to making them when they’ve been put on the menu)

Wednesday: Meatloaf

Thursday: big ol’ spinachy salad.

Friday: House & Dog sitting – so, TBD

Saturday: House & Dog sitting – so, TBD

Now, let’s see how well I stick to the menu this week!

Mr Chivetalkin’s Favorite Pasta!

7 June 2010

I just made Mr Chivetalkin’s Favorite Pasta, and can I just say how fantastic it is? I think it might be my new favorite dish.

My changes:
3 links, local Scimeca’s chicken Italian sausauge – spinach & garlic.
4 oz fresh mozzarella
6 oz whole wheat rotini

Wow. The hardest part of the whole dish is browning the sausage – gotta love it! 😉

Thanks @chivetalker for sharing! 🙂


6 June 2010
I’m pretty disappointed with myself overall in the last few weeks. I want to blame the heat. My brother being in the hospital. Anything but myself, really. But, I know that I am the only one who can be blamed for my actions and attitude of late.

I haven’t been to the gym in ages. I haven’t been physically active in ages, either. I know that’s why I have had such small losses, and that combined with my NOT tracking at all last week contributed to my 1 pound gain at WI yesterday.

I’d determined at WI yesterday that I was gonna change my ‘tude – cos nothing was gonna go my way with the one I was sporting.

Today was the Walk-It Challenge and I was gonna be up at English Landing Park at 7am with the other KC area WWers and Walk It! That didn’t happen.

My brother plays for the MO Mustangs, a team in the Central Plains Football League, and they were playing in the semi-finals last night. Husband and I went to the 5 o’clock game – and didn’t get home until almost 11pm!

The game was nearly 4.5 hours long – and we had some tire issues to check on and a grocery store run to make.

By the time we were home, dinner eaten, and chillaxed a little bit so I could sleep, it was 1am. I went ahead and set my alarm for 6am (I live REALLY close to the park) and got my things together to head up to the Walk It Challenge. It took FOREVER for me to fall asleep – it wasn’t until well after 2am when I did finally fall asleep.

When the alarm went off at 6, I knew that there was no way I was gonna make it to the park.

I’d decided to hit the gym this evening, after I attended my nephew’s 12th birthday party. By the time the party was done and I was leaving, I was shattered and couldn’t imagine facing the gym – so I copped out and went home.

At this point, I want to blame my friend whom I tried to get to meet me there and pointedly ignored me. but I can’t since I could’ve gone alone.

I’ve done NOTHING since coming home other than veg out on the couch and watch a movie and did some computer work. I should’ve worked out.

I am constantly tired…partly to do with my inactivity, partly to do with not taking my meds like I should. I know exercise would help, but I just can’t seem to get off my duff to do it.

tomorrow’s another day…just cos i messed up today doesn’t mean I can’t have a great day tomorrow.

Mindful Menu: 6 June – 12 June

6 June 2010

I missed posting my Mindful Menu last week, as I spent the majority of my time at the hospital with my brother. (details here) As you can imagine, I didn’t really cook very much anyway, since husband works evenings and I was at the hospital! This week is back to a slightly more normal schedule, except that I start a weeklong temp-job on Thursday. Woo Hoo! 🙂

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Anyway, without further ado, here’s my menu for the week:

Sunday: Leftovers from what I did cook last week.

Monday: Mr. Chivetalker’s Favorite Pasta!

Tuesday:  WW Mustard Dill Chicken (3 pts)

Wednesday: Salmon Cakes

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner.

Friday: Skillet Apple Chicken

Saturday: I refuse to cook this day. I work all day, then right after work (if I’m done early enough) I’m going to the CPFL Championship Football Game between the Missouri Mustangs (yay!) and the Junction City, KS Force. Check out the :

Missouri Mustangs

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MIA the last week of May

6 June 2010

I totally missed posting last week. My baby brother, Timothy (27), wrecked his Harley the afternoon of Saturday 29 May and landed himself in the hospital for most of a week. :-/

Here’s what happened, from what he and his girlfriend, Laura (who was riding with him) told me:

They were riding back to their house after running an errand for our mom. They were going along a fairly busy street at about 35 – 40 mph, he turned his head to check if he was clear to change lanes. The 3 cars in front of him must have braked quickly – as he had just turned his head back to the front and had to make emergency stopping preparations.

My brother is a big boy, about 6’2″, 270#; his girlfriend, is quite petite – maybe 5’4″ and 120#. His main thought was to make sure to keep himself between Laura and danger.

He hit the side of the first car in front of him and threw his fist through the back windshield, but kept his bike upright. The second car in front of him must have spazzed out, because they pulled out of line, which ended up putting it right in the path of my brother’s bike, and he hit it too. He *almost* kept it upright after the second impact, but he ended up laying it down.

Though he ended up having a slight cut to his liver and a rather damaged spleen, he had no further injuries other than road rash and Laura got out with only some road rash.

Just after the accident, he felt fine and they ended up going on to their house. Within about an hour and a half of being home, he realised something was wrong and had the good sense to go to the hospital. The first hospital they went to weren’t equipped for the trauma level he was needing, so they ambulanced him to a second hospital where he spent about 3 hours in the Trauma unit of the ER before being released to ICU for just over 2 days.

Apparently, the spleen is a pretty important organ. It is an emergency blood reservoir, and in humans, stores platelets to assist in clotting (thanks for the info WiseGeek).  Though, at first, they were having some difficulty encouraging my brother’s spleen to stop bleeding, they didn’t want to remove it. Once it stabilized, he got to move to a regular hospital room.

Tim was released from the hospital Thursday morning, and other than not lifting anything over 20 pounds for the next 6 weeks and being rather sore and beat up feeling, he’s ok.

I tell you this story so that if you are a bike rider, be it Harley, Yamaha or Schwinn – be very careful. As a friend from BrightKite put it the other day, “consider yourself invisible.” My brother is a good rider – and from what I understand from other riders, he did all the right things to get out of the situation without incident.

Wear a helmet; even if your state doesn’t require a helmet to be worn by law. It might look goofy, but it will help protect you in an accident. You’ll look goofier if you have to have reconstructive surgery after an accident in which you were not wearing a helmet.

Make sure you wear the right attire when on your motorcycle. Shorts and sandals are NOT appropriate. I’d think twice about wearing a tanktop alone, too.

Harley riders usually seem to be conscientious and mannered riders; however sport bike riders, like Kawasakis etc, don’t usually seem to be so thoughtful when they ride. It is NOT intelligent to weave between cars on the highway, or any road for that matter, at 120 mph. Use common sense  when you’re riding.

I’m nervous as hell to drive near people on motorcycles, because you never know what can happen to them – and you can guess, that I’m even more nervous to be ON one.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox about motorcycle safety. back to regularly scheduled programming.

Plus Size Bloggers |  Summer15 Tracking Contest!

3 June 2010

I know I’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks – but I promise you that there’s been a good reason!!

Before I forget, I just wanted to make sure to tell you about the Summer15 Tracking Contest over at Plus Size Bloggers – I just signed up and am stoked about it! 😀

Plus Size Bloggers |  Summer15 Tracking Contest!.